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Helping the Melbourne Buddhist Centre reach its goal

Since its foundation over 50 years ago, the Triratna Buddhist Community has passed on the precious jewels of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha to tens of thousands of people through more than 100 centres and groups across the world.

The Melbourne Buddhist Centre (MBC) has been in operation for over 30 years, sharing this vision. Our goal is to help make the Buddha Dharma available to the people of Melbourne.

A non-profit organisation, MBC receives no funding from outside sources. Ongoing running costs are met mostly by our facility charges for teaching meditation, running courses, and holding retreats.

You can help us to achieve our goal and generate an income in three ways, while practising one of the most fundamental Buddhist precepts – generosity :

1. A Monthly Standing Donation (MSD)

As a friend of the MBC, you can arrange for a monthly direct debit from your account. The amount each person can commit will vary, of course, depending on circumstances. All donations to the Melbourne Buddhist Centre are tax deductible and on request you can receive a tax receipt at the end of the Financial Year.

To arrange a Monthly Donation you have the following options:

By PayPal: Select the Donate button below, put in the amount you wish to donate and tick the box Make this Recurring (Monthly)

Or ring the MBC or come in person and we will be happy to arrange a Monthly Donation for you.

2. Donate now

You can also make a one off donation now by clicking the Paypal link below. Please reference ‘dana‘ and your name, so that we can ensure the payment is correctly allocated. If you are donating to the dollar-matching campaign, please reference ‘dollar-matching‘ and your name.

For those of you who would like to make a direct deposit into our bank account, please contact us at

For those of you who would prefer making a donation by cheque, it can be make payable to Melbourne Buddhist Centre with ‘Dana Appeal’ written on the reverse and posted to Attention: Treasurer, Melbourne Buddhist Centre, PO Box 157, Brunwick, 3056.

3. Leaving a gift to the Melbourne Buddhist Centre in your Will

The Buddha taught the profound importance of recollecting impermanence – the ever-changing, coming-and-going, uncertain nature of things. One way of working creatively with the fact of impermanence is to reflect on how we would like to be remembered. And to acknowledge the transient nature of ‘ownership’, whether of material things, or of financial assets.

Making a will can be an inspiring and liberating act, a practical way of considering who and what matters in your life, and expressing positive aspirations for the future. Will you consider leaving a gift in your will to support the work of our Centre, ensuring the Dharma continues to thrive in Melbourne? Speak to your family and solicitor to update your will.

If you would like to discuss any of these options further, please speak to Dantacitta at the Centre.