Mindful Schools

Update – June 2018

Three school have participated in the Mindful Schools project so far, Sydney Road Community School, Pascoe Vale Girls College and Coburg High.

This project received a lot of positive feedback from staff and teachers. It is completed for this year but we will explore further funding options for 2019.

Thanks again to Moreland Council for our Community Grant funding to deliver this important wellbeing and meditation project in local schools.


Sessions wrapped up with these little home packs:

Mindful Schools folder  inside of mindful schools pack with info postcards and CD


Growing up can be an emotional and challenging time, as are the demands of teaching young people. Mindfulness is about paying attention to the present and being able to respond in a calm and more creative manner. Meditation and mindfulness techniques are a good way to reduce stress and build awareness.

A small team from the Melbourne Buddhist Centre is contacting local high schools, to offer their skills in guided meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing. This project is gratefully supported and funded by Moreland Council.

The project will offer meditation and mindfulness training to small groups of students and teachers at high schools within the Moreland area.

The participants will be offered sessions on topics including:

  • meditation
  • mindfulness in daily life
  • well-being and stress management techniques
  • kindness and compassion for oneself and others.

Further information

Contact us to find out more:

email: schoolsmbc@gmail.com
phone: 9380 4303

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