Safeguarding at the MBC

Meet the MBC Safeguarding Officer – Maitrikashin

My feeling is that I have probably been a Buddhist for several lifetimes, but I first started coming to the Melbourne Buddhist Centre in 2004. I was ordained in Spain during 2018 and since then have become increasingly involved with the MBC, now volunteering at the centre 2 days a week. After a presentation by Munisha in early 2019 on safe practice in safe contexts, I was asked to join a Wellness Kula (a local working group exploring the relationship between Dukkha and mental health continuums).  I was also asked to become the Safeguarding Officer for the MBC.

My prior life experience includes working for 42 years as a mental health professional in metro and rural contexts in New Zealand and Australia. During that time I was a consultant to the Victorian Government on the introduction of mandatory reporting legislation and I have worked with many individuals, families and communities experiencing various forms of objectification, abuse, exploitation, manipulation and violence. During my last 8 years I was a member of a state-wide organisational and educational consultancy team addressing issues of diversity for the Department of Health.

This background helps me to understand the importance of protecting children and young people, and the role we play as a religious organisation in our duty of care towards people under the age of 18.

I am aware of subtlety and sensitivity of personal disclosures and the need for confidentiality. As the MBC Safeguarding Officer I will respond to disclosures and allegations of sexual harassment and abuse, in children (under the age of 18).  I will also respond to disclosures and allegations of sexual harassment and abuse involving adults. I will be available for private and confidential conversations with members of the MBC community who wish to raise concerns about a child young person or adult. This is a confidential and free service provided by MBC for members of the MBC community and regular attendees. 

Contact Details

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