Ratnasambhava’s Raffle of Abundance

Update 23/12/21: Many thanks to our wonderful sangha for buying raffle tickets and making donations – we managed to raise a total of $5180! Sadhu! Thank you also to the generosity of local businesses that donated our prizes! Please see the prize list below for the names of our winners.

Equal chance to win one of 15 excellent prizes!

Imagine a frosty, post-lockdown November morning. Trams clack sombrely down Sydney Road. Unseasonably chilly air swirls in billowy clouds around the faces of weary Melbournite’s, as they breathe in and out the frosty air.

Time to get up!

Around the corner, behind street façades, tucked away from the main road; the long, deep, round, hollow sound of a bell… 2… 3…

Time to get out!

Unfurling, stretching, looking around, you realise you’ve been stuck in here too long! Everything is worn, weary, stretched-thin, meagre. It just doesn’t feel like enough.

Time for more!

Round the corner, a golden glow. Raised voices, warmth and welcome, hearth and home. Abundance. A shining light of happiness –

Ratnasambhava is here!

Ratnasambhava ‘Born of Jewels’ has a gift – his gift is to see us all equally. Every one of us, with equal potential. Equally deserving. United in sameness. Ratnasambhava is enormous, radiating, abundant and content!

He is presiding over the MBC Raffle of Abundance!

Hand outstretched, Ratnasambhava smiles and offers you the supreme gift…

Would you like to buy some raffle tickets?

We are so grateful for the support from so many in our Sangha. You will all no doubt be aware that, during the necessary lockdown, we have not been able to generate all the monies necessary for the operational costs of our Centre. Now that we are back together, we want to reach out to you to ask for your generous assistance in our fundraising appeal.

Ratnasambhava’s Raffle of Abundance will be launched at our annual celebration of friendship, the Sangha Day Festival, which takes place on 20th November 2021.

Raffle tickets are $10 each, with 500 to be sold in total. Ticket sales will conclude on Thursday 16th December.

Ratnasambhava’s Raffle of Abundance will be drawn at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre (23 David Street, Brunswick VIC, 3056) at 12pm on Saturday 18th December, attended by raffle organisers and Order members.

Raffle results will be published on the MBC website between 20th December 2021 and 20th January 2022. Three attempts will be made to contact winners by phone or email.

If you would like to contribute to our centre but do not wish to enter the raffle, you can make a donation following the link below. Please reference “raffle” with your payment. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Order of DrawPrizesWinnersTicket Number
1st Draw PrizeCatering by Carolyn: Welcome your friends and family back into your home, with this enviable first prize of a no-fuss dinner for 6 people in Metropolitan Melbourne. Carolyn Stewart, renowned retreat caterer, is offering to prepare and deliver to your door a three-course, home-cooked meal for six people. Dinner can be a cuisine of your choice – Carolyn specialises in Middle Eastern, Thai and Indian dishes and can tailor to all dietary requirements. The date and time of your dinner party will need to be negotiated with Carolyn in advance; she asks for 4 weeks advance notice to book this hearty and heart-warming prize. This offer is valued at $300.00 and is redeemable until 17/12/2022. Rob McKee467
2ndStay at Poet’s Lane: Celebrate the end of lockdown with this one-night stay in a spa cottage in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. This offer is valued at $270.00 and is redeemable until 25/01/2023.Ian Cornthwaite352
3rdThe Moving Room: Trudy invites us to get moving into Summer with this three-month subscription to The Moving Room yoga studio online. This offer is valued at $147.00 and is redeemable until 30/06/2022Talia Eilon243
4thThe Art of Impermanence: This stunning hardcover heirloom book is a celebration of Japanese art and works from the John C. Weber Collection and Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection. Curated by Adriana Proser, published by Asia Society. This offer is valued at $125.00Scott McDonald318
5thRatio Cocoa Roasters: Enjoy a selection of delectable vegan and drinking chocolate, locally hand-crafted, using traditional methods in Sydney Road Brunswick. Valued at $100.00Maitrabandhu442
6thKin North Incense: This sensuous prize of Home Incense and a mini half-moon incense holder is sure to ignite the senses. Made by local artisan Tresna Lee, this offer is valued at $85.00Amitasraddha38
7thTidbit Cakes: Dynamic chef Rhiannon White is offering 12 incredible Vegan Cupcakes for your next celebration. This offer is valued at $76.00 and is redeemable until 31/12/2022Helen Gaynor68
8thMBC Meditation Day Retreat: Move towards equanimity and insight by taking part in a meditation day retreat, with the expert meditation teachers at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre. This offer is valued at $70.00 and is redeemable until 31/12/2022Rob Thomas411
9thShrine Curators Bundle: Seated at the feet of the Buddha, enjoy this Shrine Curators Bundle, which includes a beautiful Triratna Puja book, handmade bodhisattva greeting card, wrist mala, meditation shawl, pack of 24 tealight candles, pack of 4 taper candles and small pack of 6 offering candles. Valued at $60.00Rob Thomas416
10thPamper Pack: Practice self-Metta (loving kindness to thy self) with this aromatic pamper pack, which includes MOR boutique body lotion and triple-milled soap, fabric book bag with intricate and beautiful floral design, drink bottle and essential oil shower steamer. Valued at $55.00Angela Kemp23
11thThe Great Forest: This beautiful hardcover book is a photographic celebration of the rare beauty of the Victorian Central Highlands. Written by David Lindenmayer, the booked is filled with the spectacular photography of Chris Taylor, Sarah Rees and Steven Kuiter. Valued at $50.00Carunetra308
12thMBC Meditation Sesshin: Intensify your meditation practice by attending a meditation Sesshin day retreat at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre. This offer is valued at $45.00 and is redeemable until 31/12/2022Don Blackwood11
13thGloria Coffee, Cake and Culinary Delight: Robson at Gloria café in Sydney Road Brunswick looks forward to warmly welcoming you to the vibrant ambience of Gloria. Enjoy a free coffee and slice of cake for you and a friend, and enjoy one free ‘meal of the day’. Valued at $35.00, this offer is redeemable until 30/06/2022.Volcon Desouzer102
14thHOYTS Movie Voucher: Escape to the movies with this HOYTS movie voucher valued at $30.00.Sanghapurna163
15thBrunswick Bound: Browse the shelves at Brunswick Bound independent bookstore, Ellen has kindly offered a $20.00 voucher to use in store.Alan Davies207