MBC Urgent Fundraising Appeal

“Where the Dharma is, there is giving. Giving on all levels. Giving of all kinds. Material giving, psychological giving, cultural giving. Above all – spiritual giving. Where there is no giving, where there is no generosity – there is no Dharma. Giving, generosity, Dāna, is of the very essence of the Dharma”.

Sangharakshita. Nucleus of a New Society.

Generosity is the essence of the Dharma.

On the 18 March a human biosecurity emergency was declared in Australia and on 23 March the red doors of the Melbourne Buddhist Centre were required to close. With the closing of the red doors, came the sudden and dramatic loss of 75% of the MBC income. Social distancing requirements place our fundraising plans into dissolution. From now, until the MBC doors are able to open again, we must rely almost entirely on fundraising from Sangha, to ensure that fundamental Centre costs are covered, during this remarkable time.

The fundraising team can only now simply express to you the urgency of our requirement for your financial support. We are all in this together.

We need to raise $10,000 by 30 June

Please take a moment to consider the value of the Three Jewels and to consider how the Melbourne Buddhist Centre exemplifies those values. Give your financial support to the sharing of the Dharma in Melbourne

Donate now – Help us to fill the Three Jewels

Each jewel is worth $3333.33 (to the power of a trillion)

The first jewel to fill is the yellow Buddha Jewel.
Without the Buddha we have no lineage.

The second jewel to fill is be the blue Dharma Jewel.
Without the Dharma we have no path.

The third jewel to fill is the red Sangha Jewel. Without the Sangha we tread the path alone.  

Update: 16/4/2020

Sangha Jewel Filled!
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

In these extraordinary times when so many of us are facing individual challenges, it is incredibly heart warming that collectively we have raised $12045 and filled the 3 Precious Jewels.
Thank you for helping the MBC gather the money we need to keep reaching out to the world, now and into whatever future we face.

All charitable donations to the Triratna School Building Fund are Tax Deductible
The best way to make your donation is via your online bank
Account name:            Triratna School Building Fund
BSB:                            063 123
Account Number:        10210022

Reference PayPal donation with the “3 Jewels”