MBC Skills Auction

The MBC Committee and Fundraising Team warmly invite you to join us on Sangha Day for the long-anticipated return of everyone’s favorite fundraising event, the Melbourne Buddhist Centre Sangha Day Skills Auction.

Ananda’s Auction of Auspiciously Advantageous Activity

Thus have I heard; One time Kathy Vo was sitting beside Viryasiddhi in the MBC office. After a period of (unusually quiet) reflection, she said to Viryasiddhi “Lord, it seems to me that fundraising is fully half of the spiritual life”

“Say not so, Kathy Vo, say not so!” replied Viryasiddhi.

Viryasiddhi hoped that Kathy would realise that there is no separation between beneficial, skillful, sangha-building, money-raising activity for the MBC and the spiritual life – that they are indeed one and the same thing

When: Sangha Day, Saturday 25th November 2023, Auction bidding starts at 12:30pm sharp

Where: Melbourne Buddhist Centre 

Ways to contribute: You’ve got skills! Ananda’s Auction of Auspiciously Advantageous Activity is an opportunity for you to show your hand and share your special gifts with the MBC Sangha.

  • Reel in the big bidders with a skill or endeavor you are willing to offer up for auction
  • Wrack-up merit by offering to host a ticketed group activity
  • Keep it sweet and simple by baking, making, or creating something to sell at our Sangha Day Stall

What to consider when making an offer:

  • Clear about what you’re offering? (We wish to ensure that we advertise exactly what is on offer!)
  • How long will your offer be valid? (We ask for a period of 6 months before your offer expires, where possible)
  • Do you have thoughts about an ‘opening bid’, ‘ticket price, or ‘price tag’? (What do you think it’s worth?)
  • How will we link you with your winning bidder/ticket purchasers? (Would you prefer a call, or an email?)
  • Are there any logistics that need to be worked out? (Where will the activity be held? Will you provide lunch?)

Not sure what you’ve got to offer? Have a chat with one of your MBC friends or your favorite Dharmachari or Dharmacharini – we are confident that your gem-like qualities have been reflected, in ways you may not even realise!

Absentee Bidding: Not able to attend on Sangha Day? Aw, sad face… but don’t cry, we can help. The fundraising team will be happy to take absentee bids in advance of the auction, so that you can secure your place in the bidding (our only advice, bid high or be disappointed).  

Stay tuned for further notice about the skills on offer, to best budget your Sangha Day spending money!

We can’t wait to start planning our own auction bids, so please start thinking about your offers!

Please email details of your skill/activity/sale item to blcoulton@gmail.com and dhiracharita@gmail.com

Skills and Activities for Auction

Offer No.TitleOfferDescriptionOffered ByOpening Bid
1Classical AppreciationAnthony is offering a ticket to the MSO in 2024Join Anthony for a MSO concert of your choice in 2024. Anthony will be pleased to offer you an introductory talk to classical music and the art of the symphony orchestra.Anthony$50
2So HandyRob is offering 3 hours of handyman activitiesThis practical offering provides 3-hours of Handyman Services and (if you’re interested) features some ‘how to’ on the job teaching.Rob Y$75
3Car ShineNaomi is offering a car wash and interior detail service. Offer valid until 29th February 2024 Full car wash (external wash) and detail (interior vacuum, clean and wipe surfaces, clean windows). The winning bidder will need to bring the car to Naomi’s home in Ivanhoe at a pre-arranged time.Naomi
4Cyber Skills CentralCatherine is offering a one-on-one IT/computer skills session in the comfort of your own home (within a 40km radius of St Albans). Learn how to use your computer, laptop or tablet more efficiently and effectively. Valid for 12 months.Topics that could be covered include: setting up folders and files properly on your computer/laptop/tablet (and/or in email) more efficiently and effectively; how to use a word processor or email program more efficiently and effectively; how to increase the security of your online presence, such as when using Google Chrome and email, etc; how to set up two-factor authentication on websites that allow it, to make access to information more secure (ALL passwords can be hacked!); how to use Internet banking safely;  installing virus protection;  Installing extensions in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge;Catherine$40
5Ink & BrushTalia is offering her beautiful Calligraphy service. Valid for 12 months Handwritten poetry, prose or Dharma. Up to three pages of A4 / five pages of A5 writing. Paper supplied (unless you have some special parchment you would like to use) Your choice of three nibs and ink colors.Talia$60
*** Hot item (absentee bidding has started) 
Way of TeaThe winning bidder can invite up to five additional people to a Tea Ceremony, to be held at a time and date in January 2024 to be arranged.This very special Tea Ceremony, for up to six people, presents the perfect occasion for a GFR group, Kula, or small group of friends to come together and experience rare, organic tea prepared and served by a Cha Dao devotee from artisan kettles and teapots. It’s also a precious opportunity to spend time with Siladasa, who will talk to you about the practice of tea, how he came to Cha Dao and what it means for his practice. If you have never experienced a tea ceremony with Siladasa before, this offer comes highly recommended!Siladasa$60
*** Hot item (absentee bidding has started)
Busy BeesRob T, Patrick and Viryasiddhi are offering 2 hours of outdoor gardening/weeding/tidy up yard work. Date and time to be negotiated. Valid for 6 months.Rob, Patrick and Viryasiddhi are offering a
Pop-up Working Bee!
3 amazing guys, 2 productive hours
(i.e., gardening, weeding, tidy-up yard work).
This offer includes labour only (i.e., does not include provision of equipment or waste removal beyond what fits in your green bin/compost)
Rob T, Patrick B and Viryasiddhi $70
8Zen PalInez is offering to be your meditation encouragement & accountability friend. Valid for 6 months.For a whole week, Inez is offering to meet the winning bidder daily for 1 hour or twice daily for 30 minutes on Zoom, to meditate together! This can be done at a mutually convenient time in the morning and/or evening. This may be helpful for people who are having trouble getting their home meditation practice started or for those who find committing to a regular practice difficult.Inez$60

*** Hot item (absentee bidding has started) 
Review and Integration of Practice into Daily LifePersonalised meditation and practice discussion, to be held at a mutually agreed location and time. Offer valid for 12 months.Amitasraddha is offering a one-on-one, personalised meditation and practice discussion, to explore the integration of practice into your daily lifeAmitasraddha$30
10Guitar LessonLucy is offering a 60  minute beginner’s guitar lesson Bring along your guitar (electric or acoustic) and a few examples of songs you want to learn, during a 1-hour beginners guitar lesson with Lucy.  Lucy$30
11Loafing OffDhiracharita is offering
Baked Bread Monthly, from March to June
Between March and June 2024, the winning bidder will receive two home-baked loaves of bread (your choice of fruit loaf, herb loaf or both), on the first Saturday of each month. Loaves to be collected from MBC before or after Saturday Morning Meditation.Dhiracharita$30
12Portrait in GraphiteSusy is offering her artistic talent, with a portrait drawing in graphite on paper, (approx. 10-15cm square)Portrait of a subject or animal, to be commissioned by you.Susy$60
*** Hot item (absentee bidding has started)
SkyRock SolitaryThe SkyRock Community are offering 2 consecutive nights at SkyRock solitary cottage.  Dates subject to availability, Valid for 12 months. Practice your heart out in picturesque Nulla Vale (85km North of CBD).  Bed Linen, towels, meditation gear all supplied. BYO food.SkyRock Community $80
14Makanan Untuk Keluarga – Balinese Family FeastCarolyn is offering a Balinese (or Indian if you prefer) dinner for 6 people, prepared and delivered to an agreed location at a prearranged time and date. Valid for 6 months.Balinese dinner for 6 people, to be prepared and delivered to an agreed location, on an agreed date. Carolyn$100

Ticketed Activities

Offer No.TitleOfferDescriptionOffered ByOpening Bid
1SkyRock Immersion – 3 Tickets remaining (of 4)The SkyRock Community are offering 4 tickets to a SkyRock immersion event on Saturday 2nd March 2024, 10am to 3pm.Our time together will begin with meditation. We will then engage in some Sutta study. Lunch will be provided and there will be time to walk the land and connect with each other.SkyRock Community$40 per ticket
2Preparatory Investigation of Tibetan or Sanskrit Seed Syllables – 2 tickets remaining (of 3)Dhiracharita is offering a Tibetan Seed Syllables Masterclass. Event to be held on a Tuesday evening (6 to 7;30pm), in January (negotiable, suggest 9th or 16th Jan 2024) at the Brunswick Public LibraryDhiracharita will run an intimate 90-minute workshop, for 3 people who are interested in learning to write and understand Tibetan Seed Syllables.Dhiracharita$25 per ticket
3Learn Slow Stitching – 4 ticketsJen is offering a slow stitching workshop, to be held on a mutually agreeable date, at a location convenient for the group.Learn slow stitching in this 3-hour workshop with Jen.
Learn the basic embroidery stitches or English paper piecing, and create a small bag.
Jen$20 per ticket
4Learn to Knit – 4 ticketsJen is offering a kitting workshop, to be held on a mutually agreeable date, at a location convenient for the group.Learn to knit in this this 3-hour workshop with Jen. Learn the basics, casting on and off and the two basic stitches plain and purl. Jen$20 per ticket
5Smells Like A Dream – 4 ticketsAmaara is offering a 4-hr embodied poetry workshop for four people. Event to be held at an agreed date and time in 2024, at a convenient location (such as a library) in Melbourne’s inner North.Interested in meditation, movement and creative writing?  Join Amaara and 3 other participants for some simple sitting practice, some playful movement tasks (no need to be a dancer!) to open up some bodily pathways and then some writing tasks that generate poetic content. This workshop is open to anyone however, it’s not a ‘how to’ guide. Each poet goes on their own journey and is encouraged to consider poetry as a collaboration between the poet and the poem, each not knowing what the other is doing. No previous experience is necessary. Bring a pen, a notebook, an open heart-mind and a listening ear.Amaara$30
6Blackwood Walk – 4 ticketsShantidevi is offering a beautiful walk in Blackwood Forest followed by a vegan lunch. Event is to be held on a mutually agreeable date, to be arranged.Enjoy a beautiful morning walk with sangha in the Wombat State Forest around Blackwood/Trentham, followed by vegan lunch. Participants will need to make their own way up or travel with others (90 km northwest of Brunswick)Shantidevi$35