Kalimpong, INDIA

Live united. Radiate love. Cherish the doctrine.

Ven Dhardo Rinpoche
Ven Sangharakshita

The ITBCI School was established in 1954 by the late Dhardo Rinpoche to provide for refuge children displaced from Tibet due to Chinese occupation of their country. It was during the 1950’s & 60’s that Sangharakshita, the English Monk who founded the Triratna Buddhist Order, formerly known as the WBO, was living in Kalimpong and developed a close relationship with Dhardo Rinpoche.

As one of Sangharakshita’s principal teachers, his knowledge & friendship above all was given generously. We can celebrate this friendship as members & friends of the Buddhist movement he started, by helping the current students of the School Dhardo founded.

To this day the School receives no government funding, and has always relied on the generosity of others. A big part of the School’s syllabus is it’s cultural programmes expressing it’s Tibetan heritage. Our aim is to help them help themselves on their own terms.

We invite you to consider making a donation to the School, and joining in this ongoing relationship.

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