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Young Dharma Gathering

Saturday January 30, 2021 , 4:00 pm 6:00 pm

We will meet every Saturday to meditate, talk Dharma and connect with each other. To stay up to date on weekly Young Dharma Events you can sign up to our mailing list here, find us on Facebook or email youngmelbournebuddhists@gmail.com

This week we’ll be exploring Chapter Two of ‘Guide to the Buddhas’. Sign up to our mailing list to get excerpts.

We’ve started a journey in 2021, and “Guide to the Buddhas” has been our map. In our first week together, we learned that Buddhism offers us both a path of reason and a path of symbol, myth and poetry. These can be seen as different sides of the same coin. The next step was learning of an adventurer who has gone before us on the path. That adventurer was the Buddha. We learned about his need to find meaning in his life, his challenges and his intense desire to transcend the limits of the mundane world that were presented to him.

This week we start to see the terrain rising in front of us. On Saturday we will hear about the development of Buddhist visualisation, which stems from the longing of practioners to understand and connect with the Enlightened Mind. We’ll have a chance to practise ‘Recollecting the Buddha’ in mediation and explore the three modes, or ‘bodies’ of the Buddha: the nirmanakaya, the sambhogakaya and the dharamakaya.

Venue: Melbourne Buddhist Centre/ 23 David Street/ Brunswick

All Welcome Under 30s – No Booking Necessary: $10/ $8 Concession