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Uncontrived Mindfulness & the Unreliable Witness

Order retreat with Vajradevi

Monday February 12 , 5:00 pm Thursday February 22 , 12:00 pm

Central to our dharma life is a simple yet profound distinction; between our direct experience mediated through the senses, and the thoughts and ideas we have about those experiences. We are usually unaware that the concepts we base our sense of self on and navigate our world by, are frequently flawed in a deep and on-going way. We look through the distorted lens of our own views and assumptions, making us an unreliable witness to our own inner experience.

On the retreat we’ll cultivate Awareness and Right View, to become mindful of, and curious about, what is actually happening in our minds. Using the framework of the 5 skandhas to go to the heart of what we take to be ‘true’ we can come to see the process of construction and fabrication that is happening moment by moment. Relying on the dharma and our own direct experience, wisdom perfumes deep knowing and the unreliable witness is seen for what it is. Each moment brings the possibility of release from clinging and therefore from suffering.

Vajradevi regularly leads retreats at Vajraloka, Rivendell in the UK and recently been leading retreats in Sweden. Her approach is both clear and inviting. This retreat is for Order Members only and will be held at a venue with indoor amenities on the airport side of Melbourne.

Open to Order Members of the Triratna Buddhist Community

Venue: Rowallan Girl Guide Camp/ Riddells Creek, Victoria

Booking Essential: $645 Full Waged/ $585 Concession/ $100 Deposit

About Vajradevi

Vajradevi started meditating in 1985 and has been ordained for 28 years. She has been practising and teaching mindfulness with a strong insight dimension for over 20 years. To further her practice, she has studied with specialists on Satipatthana on long retreats in Burma and the US.

She is the author of ‘Uncontrived Mindfulness: ending suffering though attention, curiosity and wisdom’ published in 2021 by Windhorse Publications. Her approach is clear and accessible, with her regularly leading retreats at Vajraloka and Rivendell in the UK. Recently she lead several retreats in Sweden.

Between 2000-2007 she spearheaded Akashavana, our womens ordination retreat centre in Spain. You can find more information about her approach and read her meditation blog at www.uncontrivedmindfulness.net