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The Sound of One Hand – Book Launch

Sunday July 3, 2022 , 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

Online Zoom with Satyadasa

Rijumayi will be interviewing Satyadasa on the ups and down of spiritual practice, and personal stories from his new book ‘The Sound Of One Hand‘.

“I’m just pretending to be a Buddhist. I’m only on this solitary retreat because I’ve heard it’s a good idea … successful people don’t need to meditate in damp huts … they go on proper holidays. I am not successful, ergo, here I am.”

For Satyadasa, the Buddhist path has been fulfilling and often joyous, but also full of doubts and obstacles. What does it mean to be a Buddhist in the West in the twenty-first century? And is being born with one hand a curse – or a blessing?

Subhuti writes: “Satyadasa lays himself bare, revealing struggles – personal and spiritual – that will be familiar to many of us, whilst also providing a truthful and inspiring account of a spiritual community as it matures.”

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About the Author

Satyadasa is a lawyer, health coach and member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 2011. He teaches at the London Buddhist Centre, leads retreats and is currently the Buddhist tutor at Eton College. He lives with his family in East London.