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Open Sangha Retreat with Ratnavyuha

Friday August 18, 2023 , 6:00 pm Sunday August 20, 2023 , 3:00 pm

(Bookings closed – please contact us if you would like to join the waiting list for any last minute cancellations at office@melbournebuddhistcentre.org.au)

Buddhist reflection inspires action & shapes our lives

“While it is true that the Buddha taught the Noble Eightfold path earlier in his life, later in his life he taught the Three-Fold path of Sila (Ethics), Samadhi (Meditation) and Prajna (Wisdom). Sometimes when I teach beginner’s meditation, I meet people who don’t necessarily need to become more mindful of their current experience nor do they lack emotional engagement. In fact, to simply be more mindful of their situation and to practise patience and compassion around the dukkha (suffering) doesn’t help to alleviate the dukkha. It does thin the veil, but the veil is still there.

In order to start to remove the veil, we need to cultivate reflections around topics like the Buddha having been a human being just like us, and remembering that we too can accomplish what the Buddha achieved. Or seeing and feeling the faults of conditioned existence, and observing the dukkha created by sentient beings who are under the delusion that samsara offers nirvana. And the last of these particular reflections is to be more active in contemplating the virtues of the Tathagatas. By following these four reflections offered by Vasubandhu, we cultivate conditions by which wisdom can arise, and we cultivate conditions by which the Bodhicitta arises within our collaboration.

If you think this topic is intellectual, you would be missing the point. It is deeply emotional, but this is no excuse for not knowing the Dharma. Most effective reflections are pretty straightforward, the main problem is that we simply don’t do them very often. We need more and more of less and less in this respect.

Hope you choose to join us for this retreat.”

Join Ratnavyuha for a retreat in the natural surroundings of the Yarra Valley. It will include meditation, communal practice, discussion and time spent in nature. Going on retreat is an opportunity to turn towards a deeper meaning by focusing on transforming ourselves through Buddhist practices of meditation, reflection and devotion. Allow something new to arise while sharing the weekend with like minded people.

Suitable for those who know our meditation practices

Venue: Wesburn Recreational Camp/ Yarra Valley

Booking Essential: $255 Full Waged/ $210 Low Waged/ $140 Concession

Please note: there will be a $20 admin fee to cover food costs for any last minute cancellations

Led By

I’ve been actively involved with the Triratna Buddhist community since 1992. As with many other people, my personal journey has it’s sign posts of significant people, significant books, turning points, deeper realizations, and extra-ordinary but none-the-less ordinary experiences. This whole rabbit hole of a journey began where I was then standing when I first started to wake up to myself and the world around me more fully … and has since led me into a widening circle of dharma friendships at Aryaloka Retreat Centre in New Hampshire USA, Cambridge England where I was ordained in 1999, Sydney Australia, and most recently Auckland New Zealand.

These days I contribute as best I can by leading courses, classes and retreats at the Auckland Buddhist Centre, collaborating with others to develop retreat facilities in New Zealand, and being part of a local and international team responsible for the men’s ordination training process.

I live with my partner in Grey Lynn, drive a silver blue 2006 Toyota Corolla (not flash but it keeps turning on without costing lots of money), and I still follow American football.