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Ocean of Virtues: The Avatamsaka Sutra

Open Easter Retreat

Thursday April 14, 2022 , 7:00 pm Monday April 18, 2022 , 3:00 pm

DT Suzuki, the great Japanese Buddhist scholar,  wrote of this text:

“As to the Avatamsaka Sutra, it is really the consummation of Buddhist thought, Buddhist sentiment, and Buddhist experience. To my mind, no religious literature in the world can ever approach the grandeur of conception, the depth of feeling, and the gigantic scale of composition, as attained by the sutra. Here not only deeply speculative minds find satisfaction, but humble spirits and heavily oppressed hearts, too, will have their burdens lightened.”
DT Suzuki, the great Japanese Buddhist scholar

Join Siladasa and friends on the Easter retreat to meet and explore some of the themes of this extraordinary spiritual work. We shall make acquaintance with the archetypal Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra and his teachings that rouse us to live for the benefit of all beings, and the youth Sudhana, whose mythic quest to meet the Buddhas brings encounters with Spiritual Benefactors in many forms. The Sutra’s fantastic array of symbol, parable and allegory inspires us to practice from the most basic tenets of generosity and compassion to the most sublime thought that beckons our odyssey beyond the conceptual mind. Reflection, meditations and ritual will elaborate the themes that Siladasa will introduce throughout the weekend. 

Suitable for all those familiar with Triratna meditations and puja.

Venue: Baanya Biami/ Staughton Vale, Vic

Booking Essential: $440 Full Waged/ $360 Low Waged/ $290 Concession

Bookings close: Sunday 10 April

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