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Mindfully Alive Retreat

Fully Booked Retreat: Please contact the MBC to be placed on a waiting list for Mindfully Alive.

Saturday August 14, 2021 , 1:00 pm Saturday August 21, 2021 , 1:00 pm

A 7 day meditation retreat led by Maitripala, with the opportunity to mindfully explore whatever comes into your field of awareness, on or off the meditation cushion. There will be multiple days of silence in the middle of the retreat to take your practice deeper and an opportunity for meditation interviews.

“…… you find yourself treading a path of ever-growing clarity, and delight. Immersing yourself in a flow of positive and creative states, you come to get a feeling for the ‘direct way’ towards which this sutta steers us, and thus focus and refine your efforts towards growth.
Sangharakshita – Living with Awareness

Exploring your experience within the framework of the Satipatthana Sutta and silent practice.

Suitable for those with a solid foundation in our meditation practices.

Venue: Wesburn/ Yarra Valley

Booking Essential: $600 Full Waged/ $500 Low Waged/ $400 Concession

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