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Living the Three Jewels: a meeting of Australian and Indian sangha

Sunday August 29, 2021 , 5:00 pm 7:30 pm

A fundraising event for FutureDharma funded Triratna positions in our movement – positions crucial to the reach of the Dharma and development of the sangha in India.

Abhayanavita and Tarahridaya are wonderful leaders and exemplars working for the Dharma, speaking across generations, across gender, and across caste to help inspire the new Buddhists of India.

From extremely difficult conditions each has forged her own path towards safety, respect and acceptance. And in a time of terrible challenge from the ongoing ravages of Covid-19 amongst the poorest people in their communities, both are beacons of positivity to anyone striving for liberation from suffering.

We will meet Abhayanavita and Tarahridaya, along with others, talking about their practice and experience. We can join breakout groups which will give us an opportunity to connect with Triratna Buddhists in India and across Australia. And we will hear the refuges, precepts and devotion in Hindi and English. (See the full program below).

Event Program

5:00pmWelcome and Introduction
5:10pmRefuges and Precepts in Hindi and English (Tarahridaya / Maitripala)
5:20pmInterview Maitripala (in Australia) with Tarahridaya & Abhayanavita (in India)
5:50pmBreakout Groups – mixed groups of Australian and Indian sangha – sharing our lives and practice
6:15pmTea Break
6:30pmTwo Short Talks – one Indian Dhamma-Mitra & one Australian Mitra – “Three challenges to my Buddhist practice”
6:50pmHow to make a donation / where the money will go – see below for the projects that FutureDharma Fund supports in India. There will be a chance to give during the following Puja –  all donations reserved for use in India.
7:00pmThreefold Puja with mantra
7:25pmThank yous and Goodbyes

FutureDharma Projects in India

  • Young People Project – Supports the Indian young people steering group, who coordinate young people’s activities throughout India. Currently also helping to coordinate relief work.
  • Indian Ordination Team – Funding of the Indian men’s and women’s Ordination teams core support. You will hear from Tarahridaya about their work. Currently also helping to coordinate relief work.
  • India Communications Project – Develop a website for the Indian region, to host recordings of talks and videos, and to provide a central site for each centre’s publicity material. Train centres in using the website.
  • Indian Chairs Assembly Coordinator – Support for Amrutasiddhi as Indian Chairs Assembly co-ordinator, to promote Bhante’s vision throughout the 35 groups & 35 centres in India. Currently also helping to coordinate relief work.