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Open Day Retreat with Lokeshvara – Training in Fearlessness – Fully Booked Out

Sunday November 6, 2016, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Entering the Forest – Training in Fearlessness


In most cultures and traditions of the world entering the forest has always had an ambiguous double meaning.  The forest was a place of refuge in times of war and upheaval and place where you flee from the excesses of humanity.  Often this journey was made quickly with little preparation, though it was also the place where truth seekers went to still the mind away from the bustle and business of the marketplace. The second meaning however, was the forest was a place of fear, you only go there in fact as a last resort and to enter meant confronting the spirit world, wild animals, possibly bandits and brigands – as well as all the capacity of your own mind to create and exacerbate these dangers.

The only real path to freedom is to train ourselves to turn towards the things we fear with a mind that is kind enough, still enough and simply big enough to do this.  There a number of intricate paths into and out of the forest and I suggest we look at 3 of them.  I’ve put these into quite simple language:  The first is simply to “ask for what you really want”, and let your request hang in the air without adding the justification, the apology, the immediate retraction, or the solution.  The second is to “find the point of freedom”, this is the place where to say yes to something you have to be free to say no.  and the third is “to give yourself permission”; to experience the state of mind you are really in, rather than the one you think you ought to be in.

We will spend the day looking at these three paths to freedom and what they could mean in our own lives.
Open to all those who know our practices. Light lunch provided on the day.

Venue: Melbourne Buddhist Centre

Cost: $90 Full Waged, $70 Low Waged, $50 Concession

Fully Booked Out – Consider booking onto the Sangha Retreat, 18 – 20 November.

Lokeshvara2Lokeshvara is the International Order Convener and President of the MBC, visiting from the UK.


Sunday November 6, 2016
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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