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Buddha Day Festival

Celebrate Enlightenment

Saturday May 9, 2020 , 11:00 am 6:30 pm

Join the Melbourne Buddhist Centre Sangha in this special celebration of the emergence of the Buddha, the Awakened One, over 2500 years ago with a program of local and international events.

“The Buddha was born as we are born. What the Buddha overcame, we too can overcome.” – Sangharakshita

Due to the MBC closure and ongoing restriction on gatherings, Mitra ceremonies have been postponed until we can all gather at the MBC again.

Start Buddha Day by joining the Saturday Morning Regulars meditation class at 11am.

Buddha Day Talk – 12.30pm

Continue with the Buddha Day Talk by Siladasa from 12.30pm and understand the importance of the Buddha’s Enlightenment to how we live our lives right now.

If you are having difficulties joining the meditation call Matt on 0449 538 376 for Technical Support

Australian/New Zealand Buddha Day Event

Connecting our Buddhist Communities around New Zealand and Australia and around the world in celebrating Buddha Day with a joint festival program.

Welcome and Chanting the Tiratna Vandana – 4pm

An introduction to the day and chanting the Tiratana Vandana with Ratnadharini, and footage of Sangharakshita from the Clear Vision Archive.

Buddhanusati Meditation – 4.30pm

Join Purna from New Zealand as he leads us through an imaginative meditation practice, visualising the Buddha Shakyamuni and his Enlightened qualities.

Buddha Day 7-Fold Puja – 5.30pm

Continuing Buddha Day with a special online 7-fold puja led by Siladasa and Maitripala. Tune in to experience the Australian and New Zealand Triratna Buddhist Communities as we connect to the spirit of Enlightenment.

Live Talk from Subhuti – 8.00pm

Subhuti talks live from Wales: The Buddha’s Song of Victory.