Can You Help? 2021 Fundraising Appeal

Message from the Chairperson – Dantacitta

On behalf of the MBC, I am seeking your help to meet our core expenses, pay the mortgage and end the year well. We’re only running one fundraiser this financial year and we need to raise $5,000.

We chose not to hold an event because of Covid restrictions and a reluctance to draw attention away from India. So the fundraising team have simply decided to ask for what we need.

Like you, we understand that it’s been a difficult year. Many of us have faced trying times, emotionally, financially and physically. But, despite everything, we’ve managed to stay engaged and connected. That is worth celebrating.

It has been humbling to hear how important friendship and the centre have been for our beautiful sangha. Thank you for all you have done to practice in accordance with the Three Jewels. Thank you for expressing metta for yourself and for others.

If you are able, your gift to this quiet and simple campaign is tax deductible. If we meet our target, any surplus will go towards installing a dishwasher in the centre kitchen

Please could you give your kind gift to:

Triratna Buddhist Community Melb. Inc.
BSB  063-123
Acc   10210022

As a reference, please write, “your name” and “gift

Thank you for supporting the centre and helping our sangha to flourish.
May your many merits benefit all.

With Metta Dantacitta – On Behalf of the Fundraising Team

“Where the Dharma is, there is giving. Giving on all levels. Giving of all kinds. Material giving, psychological giving, cultural giving. Above all – spiritual giving. Where there is no giving, where there is no generosity – there is no Dharma. Giving, generosity, Dāna, is of the very essence of the Dharma”.

Sangharakshita. Nucleus of a New Society.