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Our walkers gave everything to this amazing journey – see the moment they returned to the Centre below.

Robyn makes it to David Street – the end is in sight!
Saturday 20 April: Robyn returns to the Centre after walking through the night at 8am in the morning.
Saturday 20 April: The other walkers, Rob, Rachel, Matt, Viryasiddhi, Sanghapurna and Apada return to the Centre later that day at 5pm

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Journey to the Centre Walking Team: Robyn Overall, Bronwyn Coulton, Rachel Morton, Rob Thomas, Matt Manning, Viryasiddhi, Sanghapurna and Apada

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Event Photos

Check out the photos from the first organising meeting to the final arrival at the Centre.

  • The walking team arrives at the Centre after walking 100km

Meet the Team

From Bronwyn: “Imagine you found something so precious and meaningful that it completely transformed your existence, in an indisputably positive way. Something that made everything great about your life deeper and richer and more profound. Something that made all of the really hard things in life more manageable and constructively reformed your self-made suffering. Wouldn’t you want to share it?
Why am I doing this 100km walk? I’m doing it in service of the Dharma.
Don’t know what the Dharma is? Unfortunately, I can’t tell you. You have to find out for yourself. Besides, you wouldn’t believe me if I tried!”

Bronwyn Coulton

From Robyn: “I didn’t hesitate in saying yes when asked to join one of the teams for this walk. Part of the reason for this is that I tend to embrace most opportunities for testing my endurance with outdoorsy activities. There’s no way this is going to be a walk in the park (ha!) and it’s only just sinking in as to the commitment I’ve made. But I feel reasonably comfortable right now because of the kindness and compassion of the team and the generosity of our Sangha. Bring it on!
I will be so pleased if the efforts I make help support the Dharma in Melbourne. I couldn’t think of a worthier cause.”

Robyn Overall

Messages of Support

Well done, Rachel and team. You should be so proud of your efforts in achieving this.

Harrison Family xx

Well done to my brother, Sanghapurna, on this awesome challenge for a fantastic cause!

Dianne Vella

So very proud of my brother, Sanghapurna, what a kind hearted and generous community member. Well done.


Best wishes for Matt, Rachel and the team..I am inspired by your giant undertaking and thank you for MBC for the opportunity to meet some great humans. Enjoy your epic Journey.

Chad Gunathilake

All the best for your wonderful adventure and journey.

Kevin Bonnett

Good luck on this huge venture! Special congratulations to my dad Sanghapurna – go forth and walk!

Alyce Vella

Your courage and generosity is deeply inspiring. Good luck and sadhu!


Hi, wishing the group goodwill on their walk to the centre next week.
A couple of my favourite quotes to think on,

‘Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead.
 Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.
Just walk beside me and be my friend’

‘It’s your road, and yours alone. 
 Others may walk it with you,
 But no one can walk it for you.’

Matthew Fleming

Best wishes to your amazing and inspiring team!

Annabelle Pontvianne

Good luck guys. I really admire what you are doing!

Nicolette Llewellyn

Wishing you all well with the journey.

Prasadajata xx

Go Team Go! What a wonderful adventure, all the best.


Thank you Melbourne Buddhist Centre for such rich Sangha when I visited last December/January – with special love and thanks to Rachel

Katherine O’Donnell

You guys totally rock, Buddhist style.

Eva Kaufman

Good Luck

Ben and Maddy Macey

Good Luck, Robyn and Team!

Peter Habour

Best wishes for your epic journey! Lots of love, Manichitta


Remember that boots are made for walking!

Coral and Danny Raby

Have a great time on the walk! Mick, Bree, Xavi and Amelia

Michael Morton

Sending Big love on your Big walk.

Dhammasara and Yasokaruna

All the best for your work and a massive achievement. All the best Sanghapurna. Love Julie and Joe xx. We know you can do this.

Julie Micallef

Go for it!

Stuart Baird

Have a beautiful journey!

Llze Kundzina

Wow, what a journey! One that starts way before the walk with all the training. Best of luck team.

Linda Sands

Hi Rob and gang. Good Luck from a Yorkshire lass! xx

Su Robinson

Thank you all for your generous efforts. May each step be your own pilgrimage to liberation.

Virginia Kaufman Hall

Congratulation for taking on this challenge. Enjoy the journey!

Johanne Morton

Dear Rachel thankyou so much for your inspiring service to the dharma. Thankyou eight dear friends for your generosity of time and commitment. Personally I find the idea of walking 100 ks a bit mad. But I well know that in the madness there is magic. I deeply trust in the generosity of our precious sangha and know that our one heart of connection will hold you as you continue your preparation. Love your Dharma Sister Ainslie ❤️🐘

Ainslie Hannan

Go team! Enjoy the journey. Yay!!! Annie, Ben, Audrey, Hattie and Maisie.

Annie Morton

Fantastic effort everyone!

Love Maitripala

Best of luck with the walk.

Judy Williams xx

Good Luck!

Jessica Miller

Noble initiative, Best Wishes

Chintan Jajal

It’s great to be able to support Robyn, Bronwyn, Rachel, Apada, Matt, Rob, Sanghapurna and Viryasiddhi,  on their epic walk to raise funds for the Melbourne Centre. Having recently spent a month with the Melbourne sangha it is indeed a priceless jewel. I loved being a part of it for the month I was there. Sadhu for taking on this epic challenge so that others can continue to benefit from the dharma. 

Suzanne from the Sangha in Bristol, UK

A deep bow of thanks to all the team members undertaking our fundraising walk for the Melbourne Buddhist Centre. What an inspiration to all of us and a true expression of dana – may we all support you

Linda Williams

Our teacher, Sangharakshita, once described the spiritual path as “a journey of progressive steps”. A journey in which every step occurs within a context and establishes the conditions in which other steps may arise. In this sense, the journey itself becomes synonymous with the destination. They are not separate… they are one.

So, we might wonder how many progressive steps there are to be walked in 100kms. Might it be 100,000? Might it be 200,000?

Our friends are engaging in this journey to travel together as spiritual friends. To traverse a massive distance that brings them towards and into the Melbourne Buddhist Centre. To discover something about themselves and each other on the way. And to raise our collective awareness of the journey that each of us make together, as a Sangha, in our collaborative discovery and practice of the Dharma.

So please open your hearts to these spiritual travelers, and sponsor their efforts for the benefit of many


I wish you birdsong, cooling winds and much stamina during this epic adventure. I’m sure it’ll be filled with many joys including deepening of friendship, and commitment to the sangha. Thank you for doing it for all of us.


Wow – Walking 100 kilometres to raise funds for the Melbourne Buddhist Centre -what a mammoth effort.  I salute your determination, generosity and clarity. May this ‘largesse’ adventure inspire everyone to donate so that our centre can continue to shine the lamp of the Dharma.