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Sangha Day Skills Auction

Saturday November 16, 2019 , 12:15 pm 1:15 pm

The Sangha Day Skills Auction has been a great success for the last two years due to the generous and talented Sangha at the MBC. Come along, bid and pick up a skill and support the work of the MBC. There are some fantastic skills to bid on, see the list below for some of the skills on offer.  

If can’t join us on Sangha Day, email Bronwyn on blcoulton@gmail.com and place a bid on your favourite items.

Feel inspired? Can you think of a skill that you can offer at the skills auction?

There is still time to come up with your offer for the Skills Auction. It can be anything from a fitness or arts workshop to house and garden maintenance, catering for a dinner party to offering professional consulting services. Email Bronwyn on blcoulton@gmail.com with an outline of your skill offer.

Some of the Skills on offer at the Skills Auction – More offers on their way!

TitleOffer Description
Corner the Market
1-hour Introduction to Marketing Session Position yourself in the marketplace by engaging in this 1-hour Introduction to Marketing session, provided by a highly qualified, highly experienced Marketing professional (with a PhD in Marketing and 10 years + experience).
What a Lot of Bokashi!
2-hour Composting and Worm Farming Workshop This 2-hour Composting, Worm-farming & Bokashi Workshop explores the elements required to produce quality friable compost, worm juice/castings and bokashi fermented “pre-compost”. Chat with an environmentalist about common composting problems and ways to avoid or treat. Pros and cons of different bins and approaches to managing food waste is covered. Cup of tea included. Bring some mornign tea to share! 20 tickets at $20 each.
Meritless Vegan Chocolate Tart
Guaranteed to stimulate craving and keep you on the wheel, this specialty vegan chocolate tart has earnt a reputation for seduction (be very careful who you serve it to). Disclaimer – may result in loss of merit.
The Way of Tea
Tea Ceremony You are invited to enjoy this very special Tea Ceremony hosted by Siladasa, who has been training in Cha Dao, the Way of Tea, for some years now guided by mentors at the Global Tea Hut in Taiwan. He loves to prepare and serve delicious oolongs and red teas using traditional methods, on a table of fine cloths and handcrafted implements. Siladasa’s teamaking includes the use of small teapot (gong fu method) as well as the side-handle teapot. The Dharma and Tea share one taste and drinking tea with Sangha friends will be a joy!
Yoga and Meditation Class Sunday 8 December, 10.30am to 12.30pm at the MBC.
This Mindful Movement includes an all-levels Yoga Class followed by a guided meditation facilitated by Itir. Whilst not professionally trained as a Yoga instructor, Itir has been practicing Yoga for 6 years and is able to offer her insights into the practice. 6 tickets at $30 each
Scintilating Shiatsu 90-minute Shiatzu Massage TreatmentThis 90-minute trauma-sensitive Full Shiatsu Massage Treatment is provided by an experienced first year student of Shiatsu.
Sunday Morning MettaHome-delivered loaf and poemBe the delighted recipient of this Fresh Loaf of Homemade Sourdough Bread, delivered to your door by Kirsten on her bicycle, on a Sunday morning of your choice. The loaf is accompanied by a small bouquet of flowers and a personalised poem. You may choose from the following options; fruit loaf, rye and walnut or olive and rosemary.
Hilltop Hidewaway Two 1-night stays in a luxury spa room in the Dandenong ranges Two people will really enjoy this 1-night Stay in a Luxury Spa Room in the Dandenong Ranges. This region is renowned for its natural beauty and there are many activities on offer in the surrounding are. A visit to nearby Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens and Sherbrooke Forest are sure to enchant.
Two 1-nights stays to be auctioned separately.
The Alchemy of Fermentation3 hour Fermentation WorkshopRecipes and theory on gut health are included in this 3-hour hands-on food fermentation workshop. Together you will make a big batch of sauerkraut (enough to all take some home), pickled seasonal vegies (using a couple of different methods) and kefir (dairy and vegan). 10 tickets at $40 each
The Pen is Mightier Than the SwordCalligraphy Talia is offering her beautiful Calligraphy Writing Services Talia will transcribe your favourite poem, prayer or prose onto a lovely creamy parchment, using Vintage Calligraphy Pen & Ink (300 words / 3 x A4 pages / 6 x A5 pages)
Food Glorious FoodHome delivered 3 course dinner for six Carolyn is offering a Three Course Dinner for Six. The meal can be a cuisine of your choice (Carolyn specialises in Middle Eastern, Thai and Indian) and will be tailored to dietary requirements and delivered and served at a location of choice, on an agreed date. 
Lunch Like a Pro5 packed vegan lunches Angela is offering to make Five Homemade Vegan or Vegetarian Lunches tailored to your dietary needs. This offer includes 5 meals, frozen in take away containers, to be collected from the MBC.
Bicycle Maintenance Service 2-Hour bicycle maintenance service Matt is offering a 2-Hour Bicycle Maintenance Service. Brakes need adjusting? Tyres need replacing? Gears not changing smoothly? Matt will fix these up and more in this 2-hour maintenance session (parts not included).
Handmade Meditation Cushions2 handmade round meditation cushionsHugh is offering to handcraft two meditation cushions
The IT Crowd2 hours of ITS services Do you have cookies that need removing? Are you overdue for a defrag? Are you confused about the point of Google Black Menu? … Does your computer know all of your passwords? Rob is offering 2-hours of Information Technology Services for Windows PC and Laptop. Rob doesn’t Apple, but he can look at existing hardware/software and advise on solutions or purchases.
Meditation Review90-minute meditation review with MaitripalaMaitripala is offering a one-to-one 90 Minute Meditation Review. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to spend time with a very experienced meditation teacher and get some personalised insights and advice for your practice.
Spruce Your Room18-Hour Consultation and Interior Painting PackageApada is offering this very valuable 18-hour Consultation and Interior Painting Package – Perfect for someone whose room needs rejuvenating. This offer includes 3×6 hour days of internal preparation and painting.
Bike SpreeBicycle Buying Consultation and Test Ride SpreeMatt is offering a Bicycle Buying Consultation & Test Ride Spree. Want to buy a bike but not sure what brand, style or size is most suitable for your purpose? In an initial consultation Matt will understand your budget and how you plan to use the bike, and suggest the most suitable styles and brands. Then, in a two hour “test ride spree” you will go around several local bike shops and trial some of the suggested models. If you’re really keen, Matt can even help you compare the intricacies of frame material, geometry, gear ratios and wheel selection. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon!?
Closet Mastery20-Minute Express Folding ServiceJonathan values ‘tidy’ like an Irish Marie Kondo. Jonathan can impart skills, secrets and techniques that will transform you into a master of closets and drawers, with this 20-Minute Express-Folding Education Service.
Strength and BeautyCalisthenics in the Park Want to feel stronger and get a bit of fresh air? Jonathan will lead a 60-minute calisthenics in the park class, where you will learn how to tone up using your own body weight.
The Last WordEditorial workTalia is offering her exceptional Editorial Services with particular attention to grammar & style (10,000 words / ten pages)
Vegan SconesA batch of 1 doz. Vegan sconesNicki is offering an irresistible Batch of 1 doz. Blueberry and Rosemary Vegan Scones.
Mindful Pet Minding2-nights, in-house pet minding service Make good use of this 2-night, In-House Pet Minding Service provided by a reliable and experienced pet minder, who enjoys mindfully minding pets.
Neurofeedback ‘Brain Spa’ SessionNaturopathic Neurofeedback SessionBefriend your brain with this Neurofeedback Session provided by a qualified neurofeedback practitioner. Neurofeedback is 100% naturopathic and feels like a soothing massage for your brain – very calming and relaxing. Neurofeedback optimises brain function and enhances your meditation practice by training the unconscious mind to return to the present moment. 
Child Minding ServiceOne evening of in-house childmindingSraddhanaya is offering to be your Child Minder for an Evening. Evening to be concluded by Midnight. She can travel up to 40 minutes from Brunswick
Clothing Alteration ServiceClothing alteration serviceDo you have a fabulous pair of new pants that need a hem taken up? A top that needs to betaken in? Hugh is offering to provide a simple Clothing Alteration Service for a single article of clothing.
Stand-up Comedy10 minute stand-up performanceTen minutes of stand-up comedy in your living room for you and a few friends by the experienced Tejopala. Tejopala recently performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
The Luck of The Irish 1-hour Irish Language LessonJonathan speaks Irish – and so can you! Make good use of Jonathan’s linguistic abilities with this 1-hour Irish Language Lesson

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