Our Community

The Melbourne Buddhist Centre is a Community of Buddhist Practitioners or Sangha, supporting each others practices and making available the Buddha’s teachings of Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom to people of Melbourne and beyond. We meditate, study, go on retreat together and in the context of our shared practice, allowing spiritual friendships to develop.

Meet the new Young Buddhist Coordinator – Dhammakumara

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The Order Member Community at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre.


Dantacitta is the Chair of the Melbourne Buddhist Centre and was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2011. Her name means, She who’s Heart/Mind is Tamed. You will often see her at the Centre at our meditation classes. Chairperson of the MBC Management Committee.


Lokeshvara, a senior Order Member from the UK, is president of our Centre. Lokeshvara visits us, alongside his role as International Order Convenor, and meets up with sangha members and the Management Committee to discuss how we are going. He is an excellent retreat leader and Dharma practitioner.


Vidyatara is a skilled study leader, facilitator and member of the MBC Management Committee. Her names means, She who is the Protector of Spiritual Knowledge.


Siladasa was ordained in 1992 and his name means, Servant of EthicsHe is an excellent Dharma teacher, running Introduction to Buddhism courses and leading Dharma Study at the Centre. He is a Private Preceptor and supports and mentors men wanting to join the Order.


Padmasiddhi was ordained in 1996 and his name means, Lotus Success. He is happy to share his love of the Dharma and you will find him at the MBC on Thursdays and leading the monthly meditation sesshin day retreats.


Carunetra was ordained in 2009 and her name means, Kindly Eyed. You will see her at the Thursday Night class leading meditation or pujas, a devotional practice. Serves on the MBC Management Committee.


Apada was ordained in 2014 and his name means in Pali, The Trackless One. He enjoys meditation and sharing meditation experience with others. Apada leads the meditation sesshin retreats and introduction to meditation courses throughout the year. Serves on the MBC Management Committee.


Viryasiddhi was ordained in 2012 and his name means, Accomplished in Energy and Valour. He leads Men’s Dharma Study at the MBC on Monday night and supports those men who wish to join the Order. Serves as Treasurer on the MBC Management Committee.


Arunamalin is the Men’s Mitra Convenor, supporting those who have made a commitment to practicing Buddhism with the Triratna Buddhist Community. Arunamalin was ordained in 2004 and his name means, Surrounded by the Dawn Sun. A leader of Men’s Study on Monday Night and a Private Preceptor, supporting men who wish to join the Order.


Rijumayi was ordained in 2014 and her name means, Filled with Integrity. This year Rijumayi will be focusing on delivering meditation into schools with the Mindful Schools program. Serves on the MBC Management Committee.