Moving Minds – Community Meditation Bus

Moving Minds Community Meditation Bus heading and bus logoCommunity Meditation Bus will operate out of a converted mini-bus; offering an aesthetic, dedicated and peaceful space for the free meditation sessions.

The project will offer meditation and mindfulness to participating schools, clubs, hospitals and public spaces around Brunswick and the surrounding areas.

Project background

Watch our short Moving Minds – Community Meditation Bus video

Community members are exposed to copious challenges in daily life. Learning to maintain a broader awareness through meditation, be more present and relaxed are important aspects of staying well and happy.

It is anticipated the breathing room created in the space will result in a number of benefits, including: improved concentration, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved behaviour and emotional regulation.

This project is expected to result in tangible improvements in our participants as they transition to improved wellbeing and will positively impact the broader community.

More information

  • email Moving Minds project team
  • chat with Rijumayi, Dantacitta or Viryasiddhi to find out more.